Best Arcade Centers in Canada

Today, adults have so many things to make time for: making a living, bonding with family, socializing with friends, doing some exercises to remain physically fit, and blowing off some steam after attending to all these things.

Arcade Centers

Even kids also face stressful situations at school, at home, and even with peers.


Amidst all the activities and responsibilities people of all ages should deal with, time for enjoyment is a must. Once in a while, we have to reward ourselves somehow to keep our sanity.


Some people go shopping, others go to the movies. Some go hiking, others go to the beach. One of the best, most affordable ways you can find enjoyment without traveling to a remote location is by playing arcade games.


What makes arcade games so great is that not only it will give you some fun time, it can also help you take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood.


Long before we have mobile phones, mobile games, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, we have arcade games.


Nowadays, luckily, there are still arcade centers and arcade bars where people can play the most loved arcade games we have enjoyed when we were kids.


In Canada, there are several arcade bars that offer arcade gaming and more:


Eternal VR


Located just outside Toronto, Eternal VR is a favorite among arcade gamers.


Aside from offering a multitude of arcade games,  Eternal VR also offers modern VR games. This arcade center can also be rented as a venue for various functions such as parties or corporate events.




Tilt is dubbed as the largest vintage arcade bar in Toronto.


Equipped with traditional arcade games such as Tron, Mortal Kombat, and Asteroids, it’s not surprising why many people love visiting Tilt.


Aside from vintage arcade games, Tilt has a bar and offers a wide selection of food and snacks. This venue may also be reserved for special occasions.


The Extreme Palace

Located in Surrey right next to “Surrey Roofing” on 120th Street, this arcade is over 3500 sq feet and has all the latest and greatest games and also has vintage ones as well. It is a must if in the Vancouver area.

The Adventure Zone


Located in Granville Island, Vancouver, The Adventure Zone offers arcade games for kids and kids at heart.


The Adventure Zone has an indoor playground and an iFloor.  Just like other arcade centers, The Adventure Zone may be booked for birthdays and other events.


Galloping Ghost – A Right Mix Of Classic And New Arcade Video Games

If you are in Brookfield in Illinois and are feeling bored doing nothing, then head to the Galloping Ghost arcade center to play all the classic and retro video arcade games. It is one of the largest arcade game centers in the world and it hosts over 440 games. These games offered are from all over the globe. The Galloping Ghost opened its doors to the general public from August 2010 with 130 arcade games. Galloping Ghost restored all the video arcade games that were on the brink of destruction. This arcade soon became popular in Illinois. Now, with over 440 classic and new arcade games on offer, everyone visiting Illinois will not miss this arcade venue.

Galloping Ghost

What galloping ghost offers?

The Galloping Ghost wants more and more people to enjoy the arcade games and also relive their old memories. They also want a lot of families to visit the place and this is why they have a right mix of classic and new video games. There are no quarters or tokens needed to play here. You need to just pay $20 entry fee and you will get to play all the arcade games offered the whole day. There is no need of thinking of budgeting to get the tokens when you are in Galloping Ghost.

There is a wide range of video game selections on offer, ranging from classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong to newer arcade games like Godzilla, Hammer Away and Primal Rage II. This is a very relaxing and entertaining place that offers a unique arcade game playing experience. The Galloping Ghost is looking to not just grow as an arcade but wants to resurrect the video arcade games and to bring in more and more footfalls to arcades. Please make sure to visit the Galloping Ghost arcade when you are in Illinois. You will love the experience.


Relive Your Childhood Memories At Marty’s Playland

Are you in awe with the video arcade games that you played when you were in your teens? Do you want to relive those memories of playing on the big screen and in an arcade center like atmosphere? Well, if you are in Maryland, then just need to go to the Marty’s Playland to get back to your teenage or childhood days. This is a nostalgic arcade that will surely rekindle your lost memories. It is an arcade center that has loads of fun and excitement for your entire family. Even if you are not from Maryland and are touring this place, do not miss to visit the Marty’s Playland arcade center. You can be sure of turning your dull day into a gaming day.

What’s on offer?

You will see the video arcade games of all genres flooding every square foot of the Marty’s Playland in Maryland. No wonder it is known as the largest arcade center in Maryland. The place has something for everyone to enjoy right from the young kids to the adult gaming enthusiasts. It is a very good place to spend some valuable play time with your family members. This arcade center in Maryland is entertaining the gaming enthusiasts from the 1940s. You will love being in this arcade center as it houses some of the technologically advanced as well as antique and classic looking arcade machines. The redemption games offered include Dizzy chicken, the Wizard Oz, Deal or No Deal, etc. You will enjoy the tryst with the past and the future of video arcade machines. Apart from offering a full floor for arcade games, Playland also has vacation apartments for rent for its customers on the second floor.

What do you feel when you enter the center?

As soon as you place your foot at the entrance, you will feel you are entering a time machine that will take you back many years. The front section of the arcade center has plenty of redemption, skill and video games. You will be amazed at what you see in front of the eyes. If you are a skee-ball enthusiast, then there are many skee-ball options on offer for both the young and the old. They look ancient and retro and you can control them electromechanically. There are many digger machines offered with modern claws to dig out novelty prizes. This game section is sure to enthrall both the young and the old alike. Anyone looking for classic games will surely find loads of games in this venue. No mat you love the pinball games or the skee-ball games or some of the modern shooting games, you will find all these and much more at Marty’s Playland.

So, next time you are visiting Maryland, make it certain to visit Marty’s Playland, the largest and most popular arcade game center. Once you are at this Playland, you will enjoy the best of the video arcade games. You will surely want to come back for more.

What Play Land Arcade In Santa Monica Offers?

If you are a fan of arcade games and love to enjoy a day out in one of the best arcades, then you should visit the Playland Arcade in the Santa Monica Pier. It will provide wholesome entertainment for your family members. This arcade gaming paradise is one of the must visit for every tourist that lands in the Santa Monica Pier. It is located in the heart of Santa Monica and attracts both the locals and the tourists. The Playland Arcade is now over 50 years old and is a family owned and operated gaming paradise. No matter you love classic Pacman or the Streetfight arcade games or want to try out some of the latest arcade games, the Playland Arcade offers all kinds of games to keep the visitors engaged for long. You will never feel like leaving this place once you enter.


Arcades games for all ages

The best part about the Playland Arcade in Santa Monica is that it houses all the different types of arcade games under one roof. You do not have to go anywhere else looking for your favorite arcade game once you step inside the Playland Arcade. Anyone who is a fan of the erstwhile and retro arcade games will find a whole bunch of classic arcade games on offer from Pac-man to Galaga. The fans of the arcade driving games will not be disappointed visiting the Playland Arcade arena. This place has lots of sitting down driving games for the racing and driving enthusiasts. There are also many air hockey tables offered here to meet the needs of arcade hockey fans.

There are even many simulation arcade games offered in this arcade paradise. Skeet-ball enthusiasts will have loads of fun playing here. The shooting gallery is sure to attract the kids and the adult alike. There are decent numbers of shooting targets on offer here. There is also the row of pins and popular table games like Terminator 2, Star Wars: Episode 1 pin, South Park, World Poker Tour and lots more offered at this gaming center.

Never miss this arcade heaven

You will find that this center has a very good collection of pin games and most of the games here are in working condition. As there are over 200 games in the Playland Arcade, you will not have to wait too long to play any of your favorite arcade games. It looks like the games undergo regular maintenance and service and hence are all in working condition. This arcade runs on quarters and does not deal with the old-fashioned token system. So, if you are bored and not knowing what to do in Santa Monica, head to Playland Arena and you can easily kill two to three hours of your time playing the best arcade games.

Visit Funspot The Largest Arcade In The World

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified that Funspot is the largest arcade in the world. How will it not be? This arcade game center has over 600 video games to offer to its customers. The Funspot is a must see for everyone visiting Laconia, NH. It was started in the year 1952 by a video gaming enthusiast Bob Lawton. This is the only arcade game center in the world to hold over 300 classic arcade games. All the video game and pinball games that you love and you are not aware of are in this entertainment center that is open on all days. There is truly a game for everyone at this center, right from the kids to the oldies. Taking your family on a visit to Funspot is sure to thrill everyone.


Why fun spot?

Anyone who loves to play video arcade games and classic arcade games will never miss the chance to visit Funspot. My friend who does carpet cleaning cochrane, visited here on a 2 week break from work and said it was the best holiday he ever took. Apart from the 300 classic arcade games, Fun Spot also offers its customers the option to try 20 lane ten pin bowling, indoor 18-hole mini golf center, and candlepin bowling center as well as a restaurant. It is one fun and entertainment center where you can easily spend a day with your loved ones and family. With quality restrooms, restaurant, and loads of entertainment, you will never feel bored once you step inside Funspot.

What’s on offer?

As mentioned above, Funspot is famous for the games, especially the classic arcade games it offers. It has the world’s greatest collection of video games. The place has great stuff for kids and the kiddie games and rides will enthrall them to the fullest. There are also many prize games on offer in this place that will drive the kids to play more. The best part about Funspot is that there is a game for each and every member of a family. Redeem the tickets you have earned playing the prize games at the prize counter to collect your prizes.