Best Arcade Centers in Canada

Arcade Centers

Today, adults have so many things to make time for: making a living, bonding with family, socializing with friends, doing some exercises to remain physically fit, and blowing off some steam after attending to all these things.

Arcade Centers

Even kids also face stressful situations at school, at home, and even with peers.


Amidst all the activities and responsibilities people of all ages should deal with, time for enjoyment is a must. Once in a while, we have to reward ourselves somehow to keep our sanity.


Some people go shopping, others go to the movies. Some go hiking, others go to the beach. One of the best, most affordable ways you can find enjoyment without traveling to a remote location is by playing arcade games.


What makes arcade games so great is that not only it will give you some fun time, it can also help you take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood.


Long before we have mobile phones, mobile games, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, we have arcade games.


Nowadays, luckily, there are still arcade centers and arcade bars where people can play the most loved arcade games we have enjoyed when we were kids.


In Canada, there are several arcade bars that offer arcade gaming and more:


Eternal VR


Located just outside Toronto, Eternal VR is a favorite among arcade gamers.


Aside from offering a multitude of arcade games,  Eternal VR also offers modern VR games. This arcade center can also be rented as a venue for various functions such as parties or corporate events.




Tilt is dubbed as the largest vintage arcade bar in Toronto.


Equipped with traditional arcade games such as Tron, Mortal Kombat, and Asteroids, it’s not surprising why many people love visiting Tilt.


Aside from vintage arcade games, Tilt has a bar and offers a wide selection of food and snacks. This venue may also be reserved for special occasions.


The Extreme Palace

Located in Surrey right next to “Surrey Roofing” on 120th Street, this arcade is over 3500 sq feet and has all the latest and greatest games and also has vintage ones as well. It is a must if in the Vancouver area.

The Adventure Zone


Located in Granville Island, Vancouver, The Adventure Zone offers arcade games for kids and kids at heart.


The Adventure Zone has an indoor playground and an iFloor.  Just like other arcade centers, The Adventure Zone may be booked for birthdays and other events.


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