Galloping Ghost – A Right Mix Of Classic And New Arcade Video Games

Galloping Ghost

If you are in Brookfield in Illinois and are feeling bored doing nothing, then head to the Galloping Ghost arcade center to play all the classic and retro video arcade games. It is one of the largest arcade game centers in the world and it hosts over 440 games. These games offered are from all over the globe. The Galloping Ghost opened its doors to the general public from August 2010 with 130 arcade games. Galloping Ghost restored all the video arcade games that were on the brink of destruction. This arcade soon became popular in Illinois. Now, with over 440 classic and new arcade games on offer, everyone visiting Illinois will not miss this arcade venue.

Galloping Ghost

What galloping ghost offers?

The Galloping Ghost wants more and more people to enjoy the arcade games and also relive their old memories. They also want a lot of families to visit the place and this is why they have a right mix of classic and new video games. There are no quarters or tokens needed to play here. You need to just pay $20 entry fee and you will get to play all the arcade games offered the whole day. There is no need of thinking of budgeting to get the tokens when you are in Galloping Ghost.

There is a wide range of video game selections on offer, ranging from classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong to newer arcade games like Godzilla, Hammer Away and Primal Rage II. This is a very relaxing and entertaining place that offers a unique arcade game playing experience. The Galloping Ghost is looking to not just grow as an arcade but wants to resurrect the video arcade games and to bring in more and more footfalls to arcades. Please make sure to visit the Galloping Ghost arcade when you are in Illinois. You will love the experience.


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