What Play Land Arcade In Santa Monica Offers?


If you are a fan of arcade games and love to enjoy a day out in one of the best arcades, then you should visit the Playland Arcade in the Santa Monica Pier. It will provide wholesome entertainment for your family members. This arcade gaming paradise is one of the must visit for every tourist that lands in the Santa Monica Pier. It is located in the heart of Santa Monica and attracts both the locals and the tourists. The Playland Arcade is now over 50 years old and is a family owned and operated gaming paradise. No matter you love classic Pacman or the Streetfight arcade games or want to try out some of the latest arcade games, the Playland Arcade offers all kinds of games to keep the visitors engaged for long. You will never feel like leaving this place once you enter.


Arcades games for all ages

The best part about the Playland Arcade in Santa Monica is that it houses all the different types of arcade games under one roof. You do not have to go anywhere else looking for your favorite arcade game once you step inside the Playland Arcade. Anyone who is a fan of the erstwhile and retro arcade games will find a whole bunch of classic arcade games on offer from Pac-man to Galaga. The fans of the arcade driving games will not be disappointed visiting the Playland Arcade arena. This place has lots of sitting down driving games for the racing and driving enthusiasts. There are also many air hockey tables offered here to meet the needs of arcade hockey fans.

There are even many simulation arcade games offered in this arcade paradise. Skeet-ball enthusiasts will have loads of fun playing here. The shooting gallery is sure to attract the kids and the adult alike. There are decent numbers of shooting targets on offer here. There is also the row of pins and popular table games like Terminator 2, Star Wars: Episode 1 pin, South Park, World Poker Tour and lots more offered at this gaming center.

Never miss this arcade heaven

You will find that this center has a very good collection of pin games and most of the games here are in working condition. As there are over 200 games in the Playland Arcade, you will not have to wait too long to play any of your favorite arcade games. It looks like the games undergo regular maintenance and service and hence are all in working condition. This arcade runs on quarters and does not deal with the old-fashioned token system. So, if you are bored and not knowing what to do in Santa Monica, head to Playland Arena and you can easily kill two to three hours of your time playing the best arcade games.

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