Visit Funspot The Largest Arcade In The World


The Guinness Book of World Records has certified that Funspot is the largest arcade in the world. How will it not be? This arcade game center has over 600 video games to offer to its customers. The Funspot is a must see for everyone visiting Laconia, NH. It was started in the year 1952 by a video gaming enthusiast Bob Lawton. This is the only arcade game center in the world to hold over 300 classic arcade games. All the video game and pinball games that you love and you are not aware of are in this entertainment center that is open on all days. There is truly a game for everyone at this center, right from the kids to the oldies. Taking your family on a visit to Funspot is sure to thrill everyone.


Why fun spot?

Anyone who loves to play video arcade games and classic arcade games will never miss the chance to visit Funspot. My friend who does carpet cleaning cochrane, visited here on a 2 week break from work and said it was the best holiday he ever took. Apart from the 300 classic arcade games, Fun Spot also offers its customers the option to try 20 lane ten pin bowling, indoor 18-hole mini golf center, and candlepin bowling center as well as a restaurant. It is one fun and entertainment center where you can easily spend a day with your loved ones and family. With quality restrooms, restaurant, and loads of entertainment, you will never feel bored once you step inside Funspot.

What’s on offer?

As mentioned above, Funspot is famous for the games, especially the classic arcade games it offers. It has the world’s greatest collection of video games. The place has great stuff for kids and the kiddie games and rides will enthrall them to the fullest. There are also many prize games on offer in this place that will drive the kids to play more. The best part about Funspot is that there is a game for each and every member of a family. Redeem the tickets you have earned playing the prize games at the prize counter to collect your prizes.

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